The Southern Costa Rica Handbook

The OFFICIAL Guide of Southern Costa Rica! by Alexander del Sol

Many travelers have heard of the untamed, rugged side of Costa Rica’s multifaceted personality.

The southern zone of this spectacular country personifies these aspects of this most popular of destinations for the vacationing adventurer, an area world famous for its pristine beaches, virgin rainforests, teeming wildlife and friendly locals.

For those who want a little more out of their Costa Rican journey than a sterile climate-controlled bus tour and a few tropical bar drinks, southern Costa Rica is the place to go.

Of course, the southern zone of Costa Rica has it all , from great camping and budget accommodations to high-end luxury resorts on picturesque sandy beaches.

The questions for the traveler remain, however: Where do I go? Which area is best for me and what I want to experience? How can I best take advantage of the incredible natural beauty and opportunities for adventure that the southern zone of Costa Rica has to offer?
This handy and easy to read guide book was created exactly for the purpose of answering these questions, and more.

The Southern Costa Rica Handbook is the ONLY guide book on Costa Rica written by a permanent resident of the southern zone of this country. It’s packed with clear, concise, pertinent information, easy to read maps, and more detail on each area covered than any other book available on the southern zone, and even includes special notes for campers and hikers.

It gives you both the high points and the low down on the world famous “wild side” of this unspoiled country as only a long-term resident of the ‘zona sur’ can. Why cut yourself short? The Southern Costa Rica Handbook is an inexpensive and convenient supplement to your standard general guide book will help you stretch your vacation dollar while expanding both your options and your horizons. From budget accommodations to top

shelf resorts, wild adventure tours to tame and modern convenience, no matter what your preference or predilection you will definitely enjoy it more if you.

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